Where Should You Park Your Money? | Chifley Securities

The age old question for which everyone has their own opinion. The question of where you should invest your money in regards to property.

We decided to take this question to the real experts and the number one advice they give to someone looking to invest in property is look at the infrastructure. They claim that infrastructure is the single most important thing to evaluate before choosing a property.

This article will break down areas in Australia according to the experts and will show where and where not to to park your money. Let’s begin with Northern Suburbs of Brisbane, suburbs such as Chermside, Nundah, and Zillmere are on the rise with increased sales activity.

Cairns is seeing a solid recovery boosted by infrastructure spending and improving tourism. Toowoomba has had a solid growth thanks to its strong and diversified economy.

Sunshine Coast is another city recovering strongly thanks to increased affordability. The Redcliffe Peninsula is offering affordable bayside housing and is seeing improvements due to the new rail link.

Here are some places to avoid according the experts: Gladstone due to the MAGE Gas projects which are causing rent prices to fall and experts project that it will get worse before it gets better. Moranbah used to be the success story of Australia but now is home to fly-in-fly-out workforces for the coal industry causing house prices to fall by 45%.

Mackay the Central Queensland city is suffering from the coal industry and developer supply. Gold Coast is showing signs of improvement but the damage over the last five years was detrimental.

Gracemere is a satellite town just outside of Rocky (Rockhampton) and is majorly oversupplied with high vacancies.

These tips were provided by Hotspotting founder Terry Ryder and he firmly believes that one must analyze property infrastructure before investing.