The Right Commercial Property For Your Business | Chifley Securities

How to choose the right building for your business. Whether you’re an online business, a retail store, or a service provider finding the right type of location for your business all comes down to the type of business you have.

James Reeves. Associate Director at LJ Hooker Commercial, says business owners looking for a location need to ask themselves some basic questions:

  1. What kind of business is it?
  2. Do you need exposure?
  3. Do people come to your office or do you go out to see them?
  4. How many people do you employ?
  5. What are your growth plans?

Here are some examples to get you thinking about a solution that could work for you.

If you are a retail store that requires foot traffic to gain sales and customers then you definitely want to place yourself in an area where there are lots of people walking by your doorstep. Placing yourself in a city center or downtown may be ideal and necessary for the survival of your business.

On the other hand if you are an internet based business then it wouldn’t make much sense to place yourself in a busy downtown area where rents are high and foot traffic is irrelevant. Instead try looking into a business center where rents are cheaper and parking is easier to find.

Many times business centers have many amenities without the high rents. Your main focus should be internet connectivity as your business depends on it.

When searching for an ideal location you definitely want to consider proximity to train and bus stations, parking, traffic, and just ease of travel for your team members. Take your time and explore your options when looking for a new commercial property to domicile your business.