Sleep Well as a Commercial Property Investor | Chifley Securities

There are so many different options out there to chose from when it comes investing your money into assets. You can chose from residential property, commercial property, residential property development, shares, bonds, fixed interest, options, warrants, CFD’s and so much more.

Investing in commercial property can have major advantages and these advantages can help make it easy for you to decide to invest in commercial property.  The security associated with owning commercial real estate and the degree of control that the commercial property investor has can provide that “sleep well at night” factor.

The great thing about commercial property is that it is a tangible asset that you can physically see and touch which provides a sense of security. Usually with a building or structure on it that can be used for multiple purposes.

Even if the commercial property market takes a downturn you don’t actually lose anything you just have to sit on your property until the market rises again. Historical trends show this to be true.

There is also something very fundamental to owning commercial property and that is that on this Earth there is only so much land that exists and everyone and every business needs a roof over its head. Although you may not find someone to buy your commercial property the same day you want to sell it, there is still a need in the long term.

This is different to investing in shares, options or warrants because these are not an essential aspect of day to day life. If there were ever a financial crisis that occurs people’s priorities on a larger scale won’t be to take care of their shares it would be to make sure they have a roof over their heads.

Let’s go back to the sleep well at night factor; if your shares take a plunge what can you really do? Whereas if the commercial property market takes a dive you can physically do things to help boost the commercial properties’ outcomes such as updating landscaping, interiors, fittings, fixtures and paint et al. Get some sleep by investing in commercial property!