Inspiring Story Of Growing A Business In Property | Chifley Securities

An awe inspiring story of Crown Group CEO Iwan Sunito who talks to Private Word Editor Anna Fenech about his career journey. Sunito moved to Australia as a teenager where he attended and completed high school.

When Sunito was young he always had a strong love for drawing and growing up he spent a lot of time helping his grandfather at their antique furniture store. There he became aware of the precise detail it took to make such furniture. So during his last year of high school he was presented with two options:  become an aeronautical engineer or pursue an architecture degree.

After giving it some thought Sunito understood that by becoming an Architect he would have the freedom of working for himself  and could start small to build something from the ground up. Sunito struggled in his early years while he was pursuing his degree, he learned that the skill did not come to him as easily as he thought it would.

One day Sunito was in class and was listening to a lecture being presented by John Gamble and that changed everything. Sunito learned that in order to be a great architect you must understand your “why.”

For any person pursuing any career understanding your “why” lies at the core of your success. Best Selling Author Simon Sinek puts it best, he says “people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it”.

For Sunito he had established his why and moved on to receiving high distinctions in his final years of college. From there he went on to establish the Crown Group in 1994. The business grew rapidly as he gained capital support from his family and close friends.  An opportunity for a potential development site in Bondi Junction came about and Sunito and some trusted fellow engineers completed the $5 million project in 1998. That project marked the beginning of the Crown Groups global brand!