Considerations For Moving Into Or Between Commercial Properties

The challenge of moving is just one of those things that no one can honestly say they enjoy. Oh the dreadful task that we all seem to experience at some point in our lives.

Whether you’re moving into a new home or office, or upsizing to your first commercial space to expand your growing business it’s hard to imagine that the process will be easy. Perhaps what makes it the hardest it trying to understand how you will keep everything up and running as you attempt to make such a change.

Especially for those people moving their businesses the conundrum of keeping your trade going while completely uprooting your business is tough problem to not stress out about. There is no time for downtime!

James Nooney, director of connections portal Beevo, says business owners need to remember that it takes more than a day to connect services like power, gas, phone systems and the internet,“You’ve got to get everything ready to go live from day one or it’s going to start disrupting your business,” he says.

Dominic Lambrinos, Business Finance Expert and Founder of Chifley Securities adds “Not taking these types of precautions could result in a bad customer experience or not being able to open for business.“

Nooney continues, “You need to make some decisions around making sure you’ve got a safety net.” To help relieve some of the stress follow these tips to ensure a smooth transition during your big move.


First, allow plenty of days prior to your move to get your power up. At Least 1 week before your move call your power company and get an idea of how long it will take to get your power up and going. Be Sure to schedule it with a few days extra just incase something goes wrong. If you don’t have power it could put your entire business out of commission!


Second, give your customers ample notice of your new location. Include maps, address, and phone number on invoices, website, notices weeks in advance. If you’re on websites like Yelp be sure to update all of your information immediately.


Third, Internet. Especially these days where everything is done on the web you want to make sure that you are fully connected. Landlines, internet, mobile phones could require up to 3 weeks to get up and running.


Fourth, don’t do it by yourself. During the move you need to be focused on having your trade still running so spend the extra money and hire some help…. and finally …


Fifth, especially if you are leaving a commercial property there is a likely a clause in your contract to the return the premise in the condition you found it. Contact your landlord to find out exactly what you need to do.