Commercial Mortgage Brokers Provide a Valuable Business Service

People running businesses often think about financing a commercial real estate property through a commercial mortgage. More often than not, such a thought is followed up by checking the local listings for a reputable commercial broker – A most desirable decision!

There are a number of ways in which one can save money by engaging a mortgage broker to provide assistance with the commercial real estate financing needs and objectives.  If one takes the time to determine the value of using a commercial mortgage broker, and identifying a reputable commercial mortgage broker, one will realise that it is often money well spent.

Locating a lender

Locating a lender to fund the commercial mortgage is not as easy as it may seem.  Due to the wide range of property types, loan types and special circumstances, a single lender simply cannot offer loan programs for all potential loans. A qualified and experienced mortgage broker will have multiple lender relationships in place who can offer a wide range of lending options.

Risks in working with a single lender

One may spend the time and locate a single lender that can meet all needs, but this is still a troubling idea.  By working with a single lender or bank one is in essence putting all the eggs in one basket.  By working with a broker, the loan application can be submitted to multiple lenders.  This not only increases the chances that the loan will be funded, but it also gives more bargaining power to get the best deal.

Cost variations between lenders

By using the services of a commercial mortgage broker, one can get to know about notable differences in the interest rates, costs and other fees charged from one lender to the next.  A broker helps in identifying the most reasonably priced options available from these different mortgage lenders.

Support services

Another avenue through which a commercial mortgage broker can help you save money is through their existing relationships with other industry professionals.  A good commercial mortgage broker has a pre-assembled network of professionals including appraisers, accountants, lawyers and other service providers that they work with on a regular basis.

Fees of commercial mortgage brokers

It is true that in the end, one has to pay a fee for utilising the services of a commercial mortgage broker.  However, working with a commercial mortgage broker will help ensure that the needs are met and that the best deal is achieved in the process.  The bottom line is that what is paid to the commercial mortgage broker will often be saved plus a lot more by achieving a better deal and avoiding unnecessary costs.

A professional commercial mortgage broker has solid relationships with numerous lenders and can often immediately match one up with the best lender based on the business needs.  Whether one is in need of a construction loan, long term fixed rate loan or bridge loan, a qualified broker will be able to provide guidance in choosing the best lending source.  The broker can also leverage their long term relationships with the lender to garner quick processing of requests – saving time!

So, if you are in the market for a commercial loan, you should definitely think of hiring a commercial mortgage broker!

About the Author: Dominic Lambrinos

Dominic Lambrinos is a financial expert who provides professional business finance solutions, commercial financial engineering, expert review of financial submissions, negotiation, equity raising, business sales, and trade financing. Dominic is also a sought after finance business trainer, and accomplished public speaker.

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