Chifley Securities Takes A Half 2015 Snapshot Of Property In Australia

Annual growth, demographics, and market data to help you discover the best suburbs that fit your needs. Here’s a quick snapshot of what took place in the month of June in these categories.

  1. Suburbs under $550,000 for best growth :The Burgeoning commuter suburbs in Australia’s capital cities topped our list of growth areas where buyers can enter the market for under $550,000.
  2. Bendigo = Property Gold: The Bendigo suburb of Eaglehawk made the top five in our growth suburbs list for Victoria. So what’s so great about the regional Victorian city? Think gold-rush history, art galleries, parkland and family-friendly neighbourhoods.
  3. Finding the perfect home for yourself: Bendigo has shown itself to be one of the best places to live. Perhaps its not in your range or a bit off the beaten path for you. Not to worry though, check new discover tool that will help you rank suburbs based on factors such as age, occupation, income, gender and much more. Let the discover tool help you find the perfect place to settle.
  4. The link between public transport and property: Living next to good and reliable transportation can make all the difference in the type of lifestyle and can have a positive effect on property prices.
  5. Homes to retreat to in the winter: If you’re feeling the bite of the cold, or dreaming of a tropical resort getaway, why not make the move permanent with one of these amazing properties. Here are some of the best getaways according to – Trinity Park, Trinity Beach, Port Douglas, Daintree, Bayview, Cairns, Sanctuary Cove, Broome and Cable Beach.
  6. Property predictions that never came true: Here are the top predictions that never came through starting with running out of land, house prices nosediving, and overseas analyst losing faith in properties.