Chifley Securites Q&A (Part 2): Discussing the future of non-banks

What is the major difference between yourselves and traditional lenders?

Chifley Securities is filling a niche in the market by basing our lending decisions on existing asset values, risk profiles and the prospects of individual projects. We are providing loans in the commercial property market ranging up to $50 million, with financing costs ranging from 8.5 per cent to 12 per cent a year, providing very quick approvals and delivery of funds.

What are the latest developments affecting your business?

There appears to be a very strong trend with small to medium sized businesses having short-term cash flow problems and no avenue for resolving the issue. We are working with brokers in offering a service that allows these businesses – the majority of which are viable – to resolve tax debts or other short term cashflow problems. The Australian Taxation Office is targeting businesses as the wind-up application threshold of $300,000 has now dropped to $30,000, with fewer deals now being done to manage slow payers. Chifley is also paying out arrears where appropriate, to help businesses avoid the tragedy of liquidation.

What is the future of non-banks in this tough economic climate?

Non-banks like Chifley Securities have a great future as the banks and other organisations, like the Tax Office, are getting tougher on developers and business people who are facing short term cash flow problems.
We plan to work closely with more brokers over the next year to create financial solutions for them and their clients. Chifley Securities will continue to offer attractive incentives and programs to support brokers seeking to grow their businesses.