Grab the best of both worlds and work for yourself under the Chifley Securities Name

We have found that some of the best Brokers and Referrers work by themselves – however many of them don’t have an infrastructure to lean upon.
This is where Chifley Securities Associate Partner Programme comes in.
Use our name to get into more doors and use our systems to manage your business to do more and better deals.
At the same time access:

  • All of our marketing material which includes brochures, blogs and various materials to send to your database and LinkedIn contacts on a regular basis
  • A new business card which addresses both your business and Chifley Securities
  • Your photo and bio on our website
  • Access to our integrated client system to keep track of leads and convert them to opportunities
  • 24/7 Access to our cloud-based systems
  • New email address
  • Access to our office and desk
  • Access to our sales meetings
  • Access to our in-house graphic designers to prepare brochures specifically for you
  • Product-specific training
  • Access to our training courses to give away
  • Attendance at Chifley work functions
  • Access to our generous rewards system
  • Chifley Securities can handle of your back office and let you concentrate on what you’re good at

Maintain your commission basis and watch your business grow.
Call 1300 782 210 and ask for Dominic Lambrinos to see if this programme is for you