Anti-Fraud Policy

As an Agent:  
  • You must act with honesty and integrity
  • You must be alert to any fraudulent activity
  • If you see or suspect any fraudulent activity, you must report it immediately to your Line Manager. If for some reason you cannot approach your Line Manager, you must report the matter to your Operational Risk Manager. Alternatively, you must contact Group Operational Risk or Group Investigations in situations that do not allow for the above
  • You must comply with fraud awareness training requirements following Chifley Securities’ Risk Accreditation Framework
  • At any time you are able to report conduct that is dishonest, corrupt, illegal or unethical to your Line Manager
Examples of Fraud & Corruption include but are not limited to:
  • Using false payment instructions, invoices or cheques in order to receive a payment to ones own account, or to a third party account in exchange for a benefit the manipulation of accounts in order to unlawfully obtain customer funds using inside knowledge to obtain a financial advantage for oneself or an associate stealing passwords to payment systems and using them to make unauthorised funds transfers false accounting, including material and deliberate misstatement of financial information for personal and/or financial gain accepting or providing bribes or kickbacks in exchange for business with an adviser, contractor or supplier, whether or not it is to the benefit of Chifley Securities.